Saturday, November 29, 2008

Music theory and history

Vom Riepl lernen ist keine Schande (danke Herrn Budday)!

Technical stuff:

On the octaves of the Nychthemeron

Octaves and other pure intervals

Why is the tritone bad?

Game of avoiding the tritone: From modes via first twelvetone to major and minor,

which has a follow up in comments to Deux danses espagnoles, en protus tonus et en gamme tsigane hongroise in which (English) comments I explain the relation of protus tonus mode to that scale and the "Mozart Dominant Seventh" chord.

Between major and minor ...

Loans on modern popular:
Cowbell in six (a conga rythm)
Justin Sandercoe gave a cue about power chords and progressions...
Back to classic:
Prima schola 12im tonorum (mea redactio)
Les planches sur Musique de l'Encyclopédie
(espérons que ces pages ne soient pas concernées par l'index)

Æsthetic considerations:

What makes music great?
Jeg bukker meg!

and some things in:

Vaison des Voconces, maison des Meffre

Schenkerian analysis:

Quelques analyses Schenkeriennes (last explanation translates German tone names to French. In English, "b" is b flat and "h" is b natural, and tone names in -is(s) are sharps).

Vaison la Romaine, 7-VII-2009 (composition from that date and place, preceded by a Schenkerian synthesis, on which I base it).


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