Monday, November 17, 2008

Schenker and Couperin in Hypodoris (new scan)

Here was the old scan: Schenker meets Couperin in Hypodoris


Z said...

Hi, Hans,
since you seem to be an expert in the musical field, how 'bout selecting the greatest tune from the last millennium?

Årtusendets låt

Hans Lundahl said...

Hi, expert in writing music and in music theory does not mean expert in taste, but I might give it a try for fun anyway.

From all of last millennium or only from C of new music recording technologies, I wonder?

Z said...

Well....hrm....don't know what to say...If the sound/performance is as crucial as the composing factor,
choose among the new pieces.

Hans Lundahl said...

oh, it is not!

I did not know it was a question on your blog, I thought it was some big, big vote somewhere else.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Have you ever thought about using
a program to compose? or at least
to enter the finished product into?
Are such programs widely available
in France?

Hans Lundahl said...

Program to compose? Would be like ... why should I, anyway?

As for entering finished product into, yes, I have seen someone do that, and I think some have done so who have read it.

Hans Lundahl said...


Possibly, but I have no computer. I live in the street (12-XII-2008, still true today).

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Really? Well then I guess you don't
have that option. I guess I thought
you had one since you had you own
blog. I'm still kind of new to this
blogging thing.

You're living in the street? Am I
getting this right? Is poverty
worse in France than the USA?

Hans Lundahl said...

anything that needs only internet be done for free or I pay per hour in cybers

Hans Lundahl said...

Anything that can be done ... et c

The people who want to give the impression that I am senile at forty are overdoing it too much to convince me (as I have no computer, administrators privileges make that an easy game).

I am on the street, because some people prefer seing me there to hearing my compositions played in public.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Right. I just never thought of

I see. I'd be lucky to have any of
my compositions performed (I've
only had one performed).

Who says you're senile, and why?

Hans Lundahl said...

a) a tip, do as I (helps to compose for one - two, maximum four musicians, I think)

b) I do not know who is saying it, if you read other things I've written (see profile and the links to Antimodernism MSN Group), you may have a hunch of who may be interested: back in 1996 up to 2000 Psychiatrists were more and more persecuting me and I opposed them.

I think their real motive might have been paedagogic and "spiritual" - way of bringing me around to accept ecumenism and some kind of, if not atheism, at least very undogmatic new age type or buddhist type spirituality.

Back in 1983 (twentyfive years ago) I was on a boarding school, since social services had given me either that alternative or to go to a school for mentally handicapped.

Some months later the lover (now husband) of one of my houseparents turned out to be interested to talk with me - and he was a free mason. Believe me, I have been haunted by people somewhat similar (though not always free masons, at least not overtly) more or less since.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Wow!!! That's scary!!! I hope
things go better for you. Another
month and things will be like that
in America. :-(

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

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