Friday, November 14, 2008

Sonate pour piano I

Sonata pierwsza dla pianoforta, za temat Bacha:

Allegro: 1 i 2 strona;
Polonesa i Trio: 2 i 3 i 2 strona;
Adagio: 3 strona;
Finale, Fuga za temat Bacha: 4 strona;

Dedikowana Mariu Johanssonowi, dobrej kolezanki na kursu jezyka polskiego.


Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

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Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

If there is one thing I feel queezy about in the compositions on this site, it is the final fugue of this one.

Juridically is not the big problem. It borrows a fugal theme from Bach, and says so. It uses a tonal scheme from another fugue of Bach, so my original work is the counterpoint. In and of itself it were not my original composition, but an arrangement of Bach. That is not the big problem, since:

a) differring from Bach it comes at the end of a four movement piano sonata, using theme and counterpoint for themes all along;

b) It is an hommage to borrow a theme if you say that that is what you have done.

BUT: have I used it well in the fugue? The interval between VI and II is a perfect fifth in major, but a diminished fifth in minor. And it comes thrice in minor.

Is that sufficiently redeemed by the counterpoint that makes the interval part of a dominant seventh chord, and by the return to major - or not?

I turn to Mgr Williamson for advice.

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

Tested first eight bars on electric piano of George Pompidou. Liked it.

But my fingering is too slow and uncoordinated for playing even those bars correctly two hands.